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Located in Helsingborg. Grusvagnen is a property with offices, stores and warehouses. As it is newly built, we have environments that can be customized according to your business so that we together can create workplaces that provide efficient work and accessibility. Read more about our property here

Hijau Harmony

A beautiful resort situated in the southern part of gods island, Bali.

 Rödbetan 1

Located in Ängelholm. Divided into 8 houses and has a total rentable area of 3,830 square meters divided into 47 residential units.

 Karlsgatan 7

Located in the center of Helsingborg. Karlsgatan 7 is home to one of Sweden's oldest cinemas, Röda Kvarn. It is a beautiful house with 19 apartments.

 Södergatan 22

Located in central Helsingborg. Here you can find the optical outlet Synsam, a tobacconist and 6 apartments

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